Friday, 13 July 2012

design details..

Spotted an old codge at shops today, driving about in a reasonably clean (very tidy other than odd I'm-getting-to-old-to-drive dints..) AR Ford Telstar Ghia.
It was sporting what would have to be one of the coolest 1980's OEM wheels..
Have a look at them!
Who cares about brake temps, when your wheel looks like a damn hot-cross bun!

It reminded me of the other cool wheels that this model came with.
It would be interesting to know who designed them at ford at the time, as they're all very unique and memorable for factory wheels..

How's about these ones? (usually these caps are hammered..!)


Better yet, one of my very favourites:
 ..the TX5 Turbo snowflakes!
I have a mate who still owns one of these, and i always admired the wheels. hell, i've always secretly loved the car!

thats all. :)


  1. These were sold in the USA as the Mazda 626. I was a BIG fan of the 83-85 626 Touring (5dr). Did the Telstar have a "Swing" which would oscillate the front vent louvers?

    1. Funny you mention it; but the TX5 Turbo i mentioned above definitely does. Needlessly awesome..