Friday 10 May 2024

Forgotten 4Runner Photoset: The blue-and-blue-on-blue-on-blue-and-blue 1984 Toyota 4Runner.

Not forgotten as if I can't pull these dang shots up on my phone within 15 seconds, but that I don't think I ever posted this lot here! I think I think I must've, then get sidetracked mid-search; forever keeping in mind that I need to get around to it eventually. Then suddenly it's May 2024. 
Fortunately this thing hasn't exactly seen a lot of change in the decade since they were taken, so they're still pretty relevant! It was always the most flattering lot of photos I'd ever taken of my 4Runner in my eyes, and almost always these photos I'd show someone if ever required to clarify what my 4Runner looks like; when "..uhh, it's pretty much an old HiLux with carpet and seats in the back" is met with a face that says it hasn't painted the mental picture I'd hoped.

Anyway, that most flattering lot of photos I'd ever taken of my 4Runner in my eyes from February 2016; photos taken on a quick dry-off spin after a wash:

Despite now pushing forty years old, with countless trips up and down the Australian south coast contributing to the almost 25,000km travelled since these were taken, it's held up alarmingly well.
Mechanically it's needed almost nothing: a couple oil changes, some new front pads, a battery and a patch on the exhaust. It really has been an absolute champion to own overall; still far from perfect cosmetically and mechanically, but I don't expect it to be, and drive/treat it accordingly.