Thursday 20 February 2014

Third gen Hiace..

This is stylish...

A 1988 *H5* Toyota Hiace Wagon - a Super Custom Limited (!) specifically. Very late 3rd generation Hiace in the luxo wagon trim.

This model was replaced the following year by the very popular 100-series Hiace..

This particular van is a little worn, but too cool to ignore. The grey-over-silver two-tone paint is an awesome colour combo, then add to that some privacy tint....

...and step lip BBS mesh; and yep. Nice.

Super Custom Limited in those decals there, also enjoyable.

I love the stacked headlights on the front of this, and the overall sharp front end treatment.

Tons of familiar Toyota parts-bin bits in here, all covered in a seedy 80's grey velour.
Electric everything, digital dash, centre-row arm chairs...
.. twin sunroofs, curtains, a small TV, and a plethora of HVAC vents, all combine to make this one very luxurious 80's wagon!

The only problem?

..The Y in the YH51G chassis code of this particular Hiace indicates that this is 3Y-powered. Basically the same SOHC 2litre that struggles to motivate my 4Runner to get out of its own way.
All of a sudden all those luxury bits n bobs seem like they might have been a little excessive..! Load this up with 8 people, pump the AC.. and I'm a little worried if the fiery 3Y-auto combination is even going to get this thing moving!

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