Sunday, 15 June 2014

Gemini again..

Another excellent first-generation Gemini..

1985 PF10 Isuzu Gemini ZZ/R. A sports model of the first generation of Gemini; intrudced in 1981 after the mid-life update of this chassis. 1985-build of this particular car makes it very late production for the first gen cars - with the front drive second generation Gemini's launched later in the year.

Great shot of the slatted grille detailing and aggressive front spoiler

The lack of decals/badging is a bit of a shame; but otherwise looks fantastic in black..

..and is sitting really nicely on those wheels and tyres. Loving the simple looking exhaust too..

Interestingly inside is the same case as for the last Gemini I posted here.
Its not the same interior, but just as nice - I'm loving the seats and striped fabric.

One last shot of the G180W 1.8lire twin-cam four. This late, injected, twincam version of the regular 1.8litre Put out 130ps - a shade under 100kw - and drove the rear wheels through a 5speed manual.

Currently for sale at a dealer in Japan. Someone go buy it... :P

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