Friday, 21 November 2014


'new' wheels for the '84 4Runner..

SSR (Speed Star) Auswuch
15x7 -13
Three-piece, forged centre, and factory anodized gold faces - one of MANY colour options available over their 10+ year production run.
Not quite sure who, what, or where an Auswuch is; but it sure sounds German - and why wouldnt that be a totally appropriate name for a sub-family of off-road wheels from a Japanese manufacturer...?

Regardless of the odd name, I love these.
I've actually been sitting on them since the start of the year. Couldnt bring myself to take of the sweet, blingin', factory chrome 16" jobbies..

So glad I finally did though - couldnt be happier with the colour and fit..

.. and the white-letter tyres. Always time for that.


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