Wednesday 19 August 2015

BBS, Porsche; 956...35102200..

Old Porsche 956/962-era BBS I've had for a while now..
Only a single rim; with no tyre, no aero fan/cover.. but it has some great patina, and I adore the car that (I assume, and am happy to continue to imagine..!) it came off.

Lacking much more in the way of information on this, I'll just get straight to the usual: the wheel in detail...
Part number 0259003

Centrelock on the magnesium face.

Threaded inserts into the face for mounting of the aero cover.

General 'character' and marks.. which only add to it for me. Could well be from 30 years of poor storage, but no.. nope.. they're 'battle scars'!

BBS lip decal.

Made in West Germany.

Small statue logo..?

Bit of wear and tear to the mounting face.

Rothmans 956.

And a link to another odd racing BBS I posted about a couple months back.



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