Friday 9 March 2018

You can have any mid-size sedan you want, as long as it's a Toyota Corona.

..AYE AYE aye aye aye...

Ha. Yep, a Toyota Corona gag. Courtesy of a well-used yet surprisingly-tidy 1982 XT130 sedan spotto'd at the wreckers sometime last year. Just look at that solid acrylic Mexican-beverage-coloured paint shiiiine...

April 1982 XT130 AMI Toyota Corona CS - an Australian Motor Industries produced sixth-gen Corona with with a Holden Starfire four'.
This particular car being early days for the '82 freshen-up (new front-end and larger bumpers), yet only eighteen months off the T140/seventh-generation Corona's introduction. At two-and-a-half years into Australian production for this generation (and one more if we look back towards Japan!) hindsight'd likely have timed that face-lift a tad earlier..!

Sorry, that's Flax on Espresso..

Brown, 'Espresso' or goddamn 'midnight-custard' - it's tidy - in I get!
All's very nice and neat.. but jeez, the wear on that wheel's a little on the enthusiastic side...

...oh, wow!
Not as though that's a lot of kays for its age (334,151km is 207,632mi), but that's definitely more than I'd had expected for an old auto Corona that still presented this well.
I honestly wouldn't have bat an eyelid had this read ~200,000km. I'm impressed. It has been used thoroughly, yet with care. This is exactly what I like to see.

Nice little bit of detailing there.
Interesting to note the use of the same part for both horn buttons. Someone sat behind that for 35 years and hundreds of thousands of kilometers? That upside-down horn on the left would have driven me absolutely insane...!

Quickly, to some OCD-relief via two-thirds of a Holden (General Motors' Australian division) straight-six masquerading as a Toyota...
..a carb-fed, reverse-flow, push-rod 1.9 litre four-cylinder that rustled up around 78 ponies..

"What should we call it?"
"..x.. let's go with 1X..."

Eesh though, it has held up well. Even that decal is cool. 
On the assumption that everything is as original as it appears to be; it is seriously in really impressive shape for those miles.

...but unfortunately just like the car, we're done


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