Tuesday, 24 September 2013

February 1984, and in the zone..

Some more vintage wheel goodness, as I cant help myself. Love this stuff..
Rarely seen, and produced by a company I know literally nothing about.
15" Zone ARX, made by the Furukawa Aluminum Co way back in February 1984. Assuming I read the date code right, these will be 30 next year..

I need to know more about this '60-inch concept'. Vintage Dubs yo?

15x6.5" +22 and 4x114.3. Cant imagine what these would have originally been made to suit.. Skyline? Silvia? This sizing with this stud pattern would be lost in the guards of many early to mid 80's cars, but that's how it was..

The wheels came fitted with their silver trim rings and caps, however..

..they also come with transparent/tinted black counterparts, sitting snugly in the bottom of the box.

Out of the box..

ZONE ARX correspond with new car technology ;High power; Aerodynamics, Safety, and Luxury. 

Super fine feeling.... Zone, for intellectual automobile elegance. Only use for 15inch wheels. Maximum wheel road (90;600kg) 15"

Love it; but no doubt the editor was away the day that was issued for production..!

The silver works well, but the tinted transparent black trims? Why yes.. yes i will.

That's fantasitc..
The outer ring is held on by four four screws, while the centre ring clips in place. 

Generous caliper clearance.

30 years, and still waiting to be mounted.

Just love it.

On an unrelated note; that was post number 200. Celebrated well I'd say.. :)

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  1. RdS, the "Zone" name seems to be associated with Fortran according to copyright documents.