Friday, 20 September 2013

Needed more AW11..

Just noticed there's been a bit of an AW11-content drought.. which just cant be!

So to fix that, an AW11. Somewhat randomly selected from an assortment of MR2's currently for sale, to light up the page with its mid-engined quirkyness...

This particular car is an 1988 G-Limited, Supercharger; top of the tree for AW11's. It is also a targa (T-Top) car, a further option on top of the G-Limited.
Here the factory pin-striping and decals have been removed (well, not replaced after it was repainted), 15" Volk TE37's replace the factory 14" 'teardrop' alloys, clear lenses and HIDs...

..and a HKS Exhaust.
The spoiler, skirts, lip, and roof spoiler are all factory G-Limited parts.

TWIN CAM 16 G, referring to the 1.6litre, 16Valve, Supercharged, 4A-GZE - in this car mated to a 5spd manual.
Unfortunately for me, the supercharged (1986-1989 only) 4AG was limited to the Japanese and North American markets.
Luckily however, the naturally-aspirated 4A-GE is still a gem of a motor.. and suite the character of the car well..!

Toyota made 160,000 of the damn things between 1984 and 1989.. but even then I really don't see too many about.. and almost never one I haven't seen before.
I just love these little cars; although not too surprisingly really, as I have owned one since early 2006. Regardless of how good it is or isn't, I'm too attached by this point. It may as well be a McLaren F1 in my eyes!

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