Friday, 11 April 2014

Scale awesomeness...

Aoshima's 'The Wheel' collection. These are seriously cool little bits of gear, and I recommend anyone with an interest in vintage Japanese wheels keep an eye out for them!

Produced in japan likely sometime during the 1980's; this relatively large 1/6 scale model wheel collection featured some of the coolest wheels available at the time..

The 8 different wheels that made up the full set were from a variety of different manufacturers..

Because these wouldn't be much fun if they were replica's of single-piece wheels; the construction of each wheel included as much little detail as possible.. right down to the fasteners!

The wheels..:

No. 1 - Riverside R104.

 No. 2 - Focus Racing Spoke; probably the most obscure of the lot...

No. 3 - Hayashi Racing Bomber; one of my all-time favourite wheels. I'm always keeping a eye out for a nice single/pair of these...

No. 4 - SSR Fomula Mesh. A classic staple, which the actual wheel made basically as-is for decades..

For whatever reason; the 8 wheels are separated into two lots. Two different colours, and the small character in the corner changes...
No. 5 - Work Equip Excel. Precursor to the current Equip 03..

No. 6 - Advan A3A - another favourite of mine... its Such a nicely proportioned wheel.
I was stoked to get a really clean original set of these recently... which I will post pics of later.. ;)

Anyway, pretty hilarious that whoever made the model attached the centre cap upside-down...!

No. 7 - Southern Ways Grid II.

No. 8 -Hoshino Impul Pro Mesh; which is oddly similar to the SSR Formula mesh in the same collection. I can think of plenty of other wheels I wish were included, but no... two mesh.. that's what we'll have..

The set together...

Kit contents - yep, goes straight for the A3A... ;)

Individually wrapped razor blade.. just in case..!

mmm.. look at that miniature step-lip dish..

A card I assume you fill out if you've missed one...

..and lastly, the instruction/poster page.

Look awesome sitting on this scale racking..
..if only this was real eh...

..instead, we have suggestions as to how you can use your 1/6 scale wheel.
Attached to a suction-cup on your window? Lined up on the dash? Looking fine on your desk?

Me? I just like them as they are in the damn boxes. Like vintage model car kits - I'm here for the box-art.



  1. Do you know of a another way of getting these in North America besides ebay?

    1. Possibly try a specialist hobby store (that would carry the major Japanese brands); but YahooJapan and an importer would be the best bet. I've only seen the occasional odd ones on ebay before, and that would probably be an unnecessarily expensive way to collect the set..!