Friday, 25 April 2014


Nice example of a fourth gen Toyota Celica - the top of the line ST165 GT-Four.

This car is an '87 build, which while was two years into a four year production run for this generation of Celica, was only the second year for the 3S-GTE powered AWD GT-Four model...

Always interesting these aren't more popular. A twin-cam turbo four, AWD, and proper Group-A racing pedigree... whats not to like?
The styling? Negative associations with the first generation of FWD Celica's?
Interestingly, for what was a thoroughly 80's production run; there's barely a straight edge on these things. Would have looked fresh in 1985..!

This car is sitting on some awesome colour-matched Tom's Aero wheels...

...With a matching Tom's three-spoke wheel, sans horn-pad.
Always wanted one of these wheels, and always keep an eye out for a complete neat black one. Still yet to own one.. <_<
Standard shift knob has been replaced with a popular TRD item. I still think these look far too big, despite having purchased and currently running one in my own car. I'd change this one for a matching Tom's item in a heartbeat..

Otherwise, the rest of this interior is beautifully clean, with the black leather/velour combination seats in great shape. seriously.. look at those drivers bolsters - this is a 28 year old car with over 100,000km!

..and one last pic, as I love the 80's Hi-Fi-ness that is this era of car audio. This double din unit is particularly great.

Done. Would drive.


  1. Dude your blog is awesome! Love seeing all these rare 80s Japanese cars.

    1. ..I genuinely appreciate that..! :)

  2. I was only just thinking about these recently, very rare in Australia. There's a fascinating video on YouTube explaining how the All-Trac AWD system works for these - early models had open diffs with a Centre Diff Lock button and the later models had (I think optional) viscous centre diffs. The OEM fog lights are very cool and the interior is sensational - look at those HVAC controls!

    I'm also seriously loving this blog, keep it coming!