Friday, 9 January 2015

Hiro V-1, Hiro V1-R

SSR, Hiro Engineering, Hiro V-1, and Hiro V1-R.
Both 15", have the same basic design, and the same colourway; but totally different ends of the sizing scale..

The wheel on the left is a left-side wheel, 15" reverse ('standard' for V1) with a polished tall cap, black lock, and zinc plated hardware; on the right, a right-side wheel, 15" full-reverse with a gold plated short cap, chrome lock, and gold plated hardware.
Interesting to note the difference in the valve clearance cutout in the face, to suit either the lip or barrel mounted valves..

Trying to figure what the exact difference (and why) for the V1-R from the V1 isn't initially obvious. Going by later SSR naming structure; it would make sense that the 'R' stood for 'reverse' (full reverse compared to the regular reverse in this case).. but then it was used as a regular reverse in 16" form.. which kind of throws that out the window! The V1-R has a 1" larger face than the V-1; so while it is mounted as a full-reverse in the 15", it is a reverse as 16" (the older V-1 does 14" and 15" the same way).
Regardless of this; other than having a 1" larger face (and to me, not as pretty as a result), the V1-R also has a raised section on the front edge of every blade, running all the way to the outer edge of the face. This is, more often than not, polished to stand-out against the face colour.

So there you go. Interesting and fun.

Anyway, more on those V-1 posted above here. Will do a V1-R-in-detail some other time. I can feel the filler already...

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