Saturday, 17 October 2015

All the accessories! Yes, matching wheel lock nuts...

A couple photos of some Speed Star (SSR) Electron Lock wheel nuts. I've had these for a while now.. and even these pics are 18months old! I just never got around to sharing them...

These are two of multiple types of locking wheel nuts sold by SSR in the 80's.. possibly 90's..

This one is my favourite obviously. Nicer coloured packaging, nicer key. Matches the standard electron lock key nicely..

..this other one is a little more basic, but possibly earlier? Interestingly though, I think it has the prettier of the two lock nut covers!

Very basic box.

GUARD LOCK. This key body is plastic..

The key turns the central part anti-clockwise against a spring, just enough to pull in some teeth on the underside, letting go of the inside of the wheelnut.

I REALLY should have taken clearer photos of these. I've got the damn things in front of me, and wondering why I didn't take any pics of the mechanism at the time..! I don't know.. urgh...

ANYWAY, another setup; this picture taken from a Yahoo auction at some point.
This is my absolute favourite of the three. SpeedStar marked on the actual nut covers, and a great paddle-style key. Really cool. Casually keeping an eye out for an affordable (/justifiable!) set of these with their box...

..and while I'm posting pics of sets-I've-seen-on-Yahoo-and-regret-not-buying; an Advan equivalent.
At least this photo shows the locking lip on the inside of the wheel nut.

Sit tight. I'll be back with more informative photos of the ones I have eventually..!


  1. Can you post a video on instagram of how these work? I've never seen them before and am very curious. Same idea as a lock nut I suppose?

    1. WIll edit this - or do another post - with detail shots of the mechanism. Disappointed I didnt think to take them when I took these!
      But yep, will put a video on instagram too. might need a third hand, but I'll figure something out!

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