Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Rays Engineering Guaranty Card, 1981...

Something that would likely have long been thrown out decades ago; a warranty/guarantee 'Guaranty Card' from Rays Engineering, to suit the Volk mesh and XRAY wheels in the very early eighties.

I strangely got this with an unused set of 1985 SuperVolks. Odd as it never would have been included by 1985.. but I'm more than happy it was passed on to me!

The 7-page booklet.

buy VOLK or XRAY before January 1982 
and receive a guaranty card.
This card entitles you
to theft insurance for the period of one year
along with special privilege and events to come. 

I wonder what these events were...?

A very strange suited man, who has supposedly taken a single wheel off a Rolls Royce - taken the wheel out of the tyre at the scene of the crime - before sneaking away...
Such an odd image.. but another one that I'd love a large printed copy of!

The absolutely tiny yellow text is a repeat of the front cover.

The guaranty supplied by the AIU insurance company. Obviously Volk/XRAY wheel thefts 35years ago didn't send them broke - the company is still around today, logo unchanged!

The card and booklet are numbered to match.

RAYS Engineering..

'Carbon'-copy paper..

..onto the back of a mailing card to the insurance company.

Rays Engineering. Osaka. Tokyo.

For reference, as google wasn't being particularly useful...
..This is a Rays XRAY wheel.
One of a New Old Stock pair currently for sale on YAJ actually! Supposedly dated 1978? Very cool.

..and as for the Volk, well you should know what they look like!
I just wonder if that 19x15" Super Silhouette Volk mesh is covered by the warranty...


  1. I have that same ad in a vintage japanese motorsport magazine! very very cool! and many others

    1. The picture of the guy stealing the wheel? I'd love a scan or larger picture of it! I have *no* japanese magazines or car books that early.. Something i really need to get onto...

  2. Can I get a pair in dis plz..