Thursday, 8 September 2016

The red R31House wagon..

..I'm not the only one who's woken in the middle of the night, with the sudden need for an RB26DETT-powered R31 Nissan Skyline wagon?

Well it's your lucky day!

R31HOUSE - Japan's go-to for anything 7th Skyline - is selling their 2016 Nos2Days demo car: a thoroughly warmed-over, November 1987 R31 Nissan Skyline GT Passage wagon.

The cherry-red repaint covers a comprehensive sampler of R31house aero parts, including this nice little reveal on the vented carbon bonnet..

It's just a bonus that the base car looks to have been a tidy, loaded, GT Passage wagon.
Coming from a country that never offered a sunroof for the local R31 Skylines (short of the dealer-fit units in the odd sedan); that glass roof-window gets me excited. Turbo, 5spd, passage wagon.. with a sunroof...? I was already on-board....

5stud hubs courtesy of the R33 brake-upgrade; and the modern Work XSA-05C - carefully measured and ordered for the perfect fit.
A set of 17's probably wouldn't have been my first thought for something like this; but alongside the Recaros and extensive colour-matching.. it all works well.

Star of the show, standing-in for the original RB20ET single-cammer: a late RB26DETT sporting a HKS GT-SS twin-turbo setup. I imagine it goes alright...!

The price for all this wagoney-Skyline goodness, from what'd have to be the most reputable tuner in the world of R31's? A whisker under three million yen.
Even (personally) coming from a country that flooded itself with locally-assembled R31's, and as someone who was heavy into this chassis when they were five-for-a-dollar; that is seriously not bad. Justifiable. I'm genuinely surprised it's not dearer....

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