Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Rollin' in my 2.0, with my ragtop down so my....

...just yeah.. no, nope, that's enough. I'm sorry.
Seriously, I don't even have the damn Softopper down in these pics!

I had just taken this impromptu photoset though - the first one I'll have posted since November 2015 - and the 2litre 3Y-C and folding Soft-top made this joke just too bloody relevant/fitting not to carry on. Quality humour? Well you can't argue about the price!

Ignoring all that though; hey, it's the 4Runner..!
Updates on this? Not much to report really. Minimal use has meant the existing wear-and-tear really doesn't get much of a chance to be a problem. The car still needs a lot of work, but there's absolutely no rush. It's still the presentable 20footer I'd always wanted it to be, and I'm stunned how well my 2013 tart-up has held-up!
..otherwise, it's the usual: I still ab-so-lutely love this thing.

Literally stopped on the side of the road; click, click, click, click; *look around sheepishly*, and back into the car...

..'rocketing'-away into the sunset.



  1. Being firmly into lowered cars this has me questioning my stanceuality. Should I replace my daily for something of the raised kind? I wouldn't know where to start.
    Also keep up the blog, love the extended posts you just dont get on Insta.

    1. Ha, got a giggle out of "stanceuality".
      Give it a go, get on board - I promise you'll like it. That relief of knowing it'll never scrape, that you can drive over unavoidable obstacles that're otherwise trivial (..such as a stick in the middle of your lane..), it's very relaxing; yet choose your car/4WD right, and it'll be every bit as interesting! Some off-road TE37's on a polished-up 80series 'Cruiser? Lush..
      Cheers for stopping by for a read. Like car forums, the whole Blogger format has become a little.. irrelevant.. in recent years, but ehh. As you mentioned, it gives the opportunity to share an unlimited amount of detail or something - that people don't have to see unless they wish to.