Sunday, 26 October 2014

Why does the 84c really outshine all the other aero-type wheels?

..Because of its genuine Racing Spirit in the honourable blood, Volk Racing.

Rays Engineering, Volk Racing, aero covers to suit the 84c wheel.
14", FR-type offset.
198* production?
Know little about them unfortunately (production years, prices, brochures, so on..), just the fact the covers alone look awesome. brutally intricate in the world of aero covers..

The box of accesories that would come with each pair of wheels.
This included the two centrecaps, mounting collars, screws, valves, alen key, cap removal tool...

...and a pair of each of the three different aero cover centre trim pieces.

 Smooth centre cover clips onto the central spokes.. does this one. The radius on the centre makes it look alot more like the Volk Aritisan Spirit covers..

These one clips around a handful of the spokes, and is my pick of the bunch. Love the red.. and that it looks the most like the SSR covers..


Mounting instructions..

Cap removal tool..

 Explanation for the title of this post. I randomly appreciate seeing the English spelling of 'honourable'..

SSR EX-C Mesh. Wait. wut?
Cmon.. it looks similar enough.. and that cover is just so damn similar to the SSR one..

Love em.

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