Friday, 13 February 2015

SSR EX-C FIN, 28 years later..

Another set of Speed Star's here; as I had just noticed I'd gone 5 posts without posting any damn wheels! Cant have.. any.. of that...

14 x 6", +25.
February/March 1987
Early style - painted face, polished tall caps, and full face mounting flange.

A staple in the world of 80's SSR's, but surprisingly difficult to find a good solid set.
I picked these up from YAJ ~6months ago. Complete, neat, and original set of early EX-C Fins; a little hard to resist, despite the odd stud pattern!

Original silver painted face, black fasteners, and full mounting flange.
It seems a lot more common to find the EX-C Fin (moreso than the mesh) with the full-chrome face, plated fasteners, chrome caps, and notched mounting flange.

..actually, no; now it seems most likely to find a set of those with absolutely fingered chrome, 3 plates, 2 caps, and peeling decals; 14x6 +40 full-reverse, and a recent encounter with a gutter at ~60km/h.. :(

Speed Star Racing. EX-C.
A pressed aluminium plate, and sits slightly above the face.

 'Tall' caps are an interesing inclusion on a set with such a relatively high offset, but just a bonus to me (more cap to love..?).
Early cap anyway; with the polished body instead of chrome, and the black locking mechanism. As what was on the Hiro V-1's, and Meiju Radius' I've posted before.

 Cap and plate removed. Tall collar screwed to the face of the wheel.

Like the 4x100 EX-C's posted below; the PCD decal is almost an afterthought, stuck on top (or beside) the empty field on the standard decal.

Safe to assume these didn't go on too many cars over the decades since they were made. Very little wear throughout..
Faces produced in February 1987..

..while the barrels were made the following month.

Matching early 14" EX-C Mesh. Both 1987 production.

Not bad! Other than the Fins here have a white face.. and I possibly had the lips on the mesh above over-polished...!

 Full-reverse versions.

And one more; a late 80's, silver, 14", SSR-sampler...

Done. <3 SSR.

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