Sunday 12 May 2013

AWD Works..

A 1987 CC72 Suzuki Alto Works RS-R.
Similar model to one I posted a couple months back, but in 'RS-R' AWD form.

I prefer the (CA72) RS-X FWD-only version, because of the weight penalty the AWD gear adds to an otherwise hilariously light chassis. But its the over-the-top styling of these cars that I love the most..

While a little rough around the edges, this car appears to be very original. That's half the battle with 25+ year old cars.. and you can still get an idea of how it would have been when new.

..Including on this particular car, the phenominal decal work!
love it. lovelove it.
This one has the full decal set that the car I last posted didnt have. I'm going to have to assume the difference is a production-year thing. Maybe only the '87 (first year of the 'works' model) cars had this large decal set?
Among the scrambled information along the side of the car - 'FULLTIME 4WD', 'TWINCAM TURBO', etc; are the small ones on the front wings/guards, which read:
'This model was developed through the teamwork of enthusiastic Suzuki engineers. It's certainly worthy of the name "WORKS"'

that's fantastic.

Also unlike in the last one I posted, is the much louder black/PINK interior in place of the blue/grey. Fairly wild stuff for a factory car..
The fantastic RS WORKS labelled seatbelts are here too, as is the 12,000rpm tacho. Nice.

The rest is very much the same as the last one I posted, including the same fiery turbocharged+intercooled Twincam 3-cylinder.
Overall, again, a solid original car.

Like I said; I'd be wanting exactly this colour/trim/etc combination in RS-X form, but you wouldn't turn down a nice one of either! I just love these..


  1. Absolutely epic car! I'm in the US, actually talking with a few import companies about getting one of these stateside. I thought about the FWD version, but for 50kg more you can have AWD, which may not be that useful but makes the car even more ridiculous. I can't wait to hear what 12k RPMs sounds like in one of these....

    PS: I completely love your site. You're up there with JNC and OldParkedCars as far as my favorite car sites go, but your content is more consistently right down my alley. Just wanted to say Well done!

    1. Cheers for that.. I like your taste in cars!

      Not sure about the 12,000rpm part - that's just what the tacho is (awesomely, yet optimistically) marked too. I would imagine it sounds something like a rod through the block!
      Best of luck with the importing, and moreso what might be a painful hunt for a good one. Very rare these days...

    2. Hmmm yes that's probably true.... Perhaps it's all a bit optimistic-- I'm not 100% sure I can even fit into this car, but I will do whatever it takes. Thought you might be interested to know, RightDriveUSA found me one on the first day they looked. Pic and story here:

      It's missing the decal set, which is a deal breaker for me, but it gives me hope.... Thanks again for the great site!

  2. On the outside it looked pretty good, but I do not think a strong man likes pink car interior. But 12k RPMs is great. Pardon me for my English

  3. I also know a bit about this car.

    This is one of those bargain Japanese imports that are currently being imported to Australia under the 15+ year old rule.

    Suzuki cracked 64ps in their Kei car by employing all of the whiz-bang technology available at the time. The Alto Works uses a tiny IHI turbocharger with a top-mount air-to-air intercooler, a DOHC alloy head with four valves per cylinder plus electronic multipoint fuel injection. With a bore and stoke of 65 x 55mm, the F5A 543cc three-cylinder may lack capacity but it has no problems kicking out almost as much power as, say, the 1.0-litre carby turbo Daihatsu Charade. With 47kW at 7500 rpm and 72Nm at 4000 rpm, the hot little Suzuki set a new benchmark for Kei class performance.

    I have followed your site over a year and will continue.

  4. I can't wait to hear what 12k RPMs sounds like in one of these....