Friday 3 May 2013


The Soarer Aerocabin, again.
Something I find fairly quirky and interesting.. the second generation (*Z20) Soarer with a folding hardtop roof.
Although the Second generation Soarer was produced between 1986 and 1991 (with an update ~1988), I understand the Aerocabin was a limited production model ~April 1989 only.
All were 3.0GT(Limited) spec cars, in Pearl white over tan leather (and 2 seater only). They were powered by the 3litre Turbo 7M-GTE, shifting through a 4spd auto.

Although they honestly look somewhat awkward in profile to me (compared to the regular hardtop/coupe model); They're too interesting not to love.
So here is an unnecessary amount of pics - The folding roof in detail.

It would be filling the 80's-convertible spot in my imaginary garage, otherwise filled by an E30 325i, S5 RX7, or S13 Silvia convertible; but it would be cool as the unusual choice.

Just realized how much the remaining roof section reminds me of the E30 Baur...

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