Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Before the Evo..

Another later 80's introduction here, so subsequently is missing a bit of that boxy, classic, 80's charm; but a great car nonetheless..!

Its a 1990 E39A Mitsubishi Galant VR4; The top-spec version of the sixth generation Galant, introduced in 1987 (and Japans Car-Of-The-Year for 1987 too!).
The sixth generation Galant ran until 1992.

This was the chassis Mitsubishi used for the 1988-1992 World Rally Championship, before switching to the Lancer chassis.

Awesomely, this collection of decals on the rear passenger door is saying a LOT about whats going on..
Two litres, Fuel injected, Duel Overhead Cams, 16 Valves, an intercooler, a turbo, and four-wheel-steering.
Oddly, the 4WD doesnt get a mention.

The drive-train those stickers are advertising so proudly.
Mitsubishi's 2litre 4G63 DOHC Turbo four - and early days of this configuration - before it was redesigned to flow (and sit) in the opposite direction to as it is pictured above.
This drove through a 5speed manual, or four speed auto; and on the VR4 like this one, to the ground via all four wheels.

This particular car is a 5speed, just how i'd want it. 

As with the rest of the car, the interior is really VERY nice. Totally original, and free of any obvious imperfections.
All very business-like in here though.. even to the point of being a little drab. Looks like it was built to appeal to a different market to the later Lancer Evolutions, with more of an executive-express feel to it.

Great example of VR4 Galant overall.
It looks to have sold since I saved these pics, and its not hard to imagine why! Hopefully whoever owns it now keeps it as nice as its managed to stay for the last 23 years..

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  1. These are really Well built cars back in the day... the interior quality, the body integrity is just great for that period, even the steel they use is more corrosion resistant than the rest of the competitor. Early 4g63 in its stock form is a very smooth and powerful engine with tons of potential for modification.