Monday, 27 January 2014

4Runner again: Recent progress..

My 1984 YN60 Toyota 4Runner SR5 - 3 months later.
Just a handful of update progress since the last post, which can be found here.

Photos are flattering as usual, but the car really is an improvement on before..
Polished from top to bottom to get a little shine into the remaining paint; tidied up some rust, the drivers seat, seatbelt, cargo area panels, and so on..

You're going to have to try and ignore that colour match...!

I still love this thing without the roof...

..and the factory chrome 16's..

...and those stripes?

 Yep, properly awesome in my eyes!

No more rips, no more frayed belt, and the 6-foot crack in the dash gone. 
..Throw in autobarn's finest $10 floormats, and its basically brand new amirite? ha

Anyway, that's all for now.
Just gradually cleaning and fixing everything. Keeps me busy...


  1. How did you fix the dash crack?

    1. Actually just got another slightly-less-cracked dashpad from the wreckers - the old dash is was toast.
      I HAVE had a dash retrimmed by a dash/doorcard-specific repairer before though, which still looks as good as the day it was done ~8years ago. It was somewhat dear at the time however..
      Anyway, i made a thread with much more detail on this tart-up here if your curious: