Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Leisurely Levin..

Not quite Takumi's Sprinter.. but classic panda paint, and a very sweet car nonetheless!

An early (1984) AE85 Toyota Corolla Levin SR hatch..

As usual; Corolla Levin as apposed to a Sprinter Trueno thanks to its upright front end with fixed headlights, among other details..

..while the AE85 chassis code, and 'SR' model designation means this is a single-cam, 1.5litre, 3A-U powered car - an engine usually found in more pedestrian early-80's Toyota's, and strangely, the powerplant of the AW10 MR-2.

 ..speaking of strange - how about the purple seat bases? I love it.. and along with the rest of the car, that interior is near-enough perfect.

Always refreshing to see a neat, stock, AE85/6; particularly when towering over its skinny little wheel/tyre combo..!
3A-U power may mean 'anywhere it goes it gets there eventually'... but light weight, RWD, and a 5speed to row along, means it can still be a laugh! :)


  1. I'm 90% sure the seat bases were meant to be black but have faded to purple.

    1. That would be disappointing yet make sense at the same time...!

  2. I had one of these things, exactly this set up. 'A laugh' would describe it perfectly.

    It was squirrel-ier than my current AW11 SC, when it wanted to be. Hah.