Sunday, 12 October 2014

An Heroes Racing..

The wheel that sits below the aero covers I posted earlier..

Heroes Racing CX-2 Mesh. 'FF' high offset, full reverse style.

In the same way that SSR/Work/Impul/Volk/Hayashi/and so on, offered a very similar wheel; these too were available in mesh and fin styles, and again with an optional aero cover..

The cover in place. At this point the choice of Mesh or Fin face was irrelevant!

 A hint of mesh though..

These barrels were produced over two years beforehand, in September 1983, which is surprisingly far apart..

The back of the centrecap-mounting screw holes. Very neatly done..

..that actually extends to the whole wheel. Fit and finish here is noticeably high.

Is this real life?! ha.

Another slight variation - but high quality option - of a familiar design. :)

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