Friday, 17 October 2014

Leopard again..

I've posted these before here and here, but again.. another one of these aweosome long n low 80's Nissans, currently for sale in Japan....

The first generation, F30 Nissan Leopard.

This particular one is a 1982 build - two years into a 6 year production run...

A little lowering, a couple familiar aero pieces, and a wide set of SSR/Colin Starsharks..

An interesting choice on a larger car; but there is no doubt... it looks good

Neat inside; with the only changes being some chequer mats, a handful of stickers, and the odd inclusion of an early Datsun wheel.

While the silver-over-grey is a very dry combination; the subtle changes made to the overall car keep it looking sharp. I love these things...

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