Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Handful of pics from the Toyota Car Club's annual 'Winterfest' Toyota show.. held this year (to repeat what is on the flyer above..) at Sandown Raceway. Very cool.
For an event held in Winter, dicey weather is a real issue; but was absolutely a non-issue this year, with it being relatively clear and sunny..!
The only issue I had, was the somewhat odd problem of having more than one old Toyota to take! For the sake of variety - figuring there would be a couple other AW11's going already - I took the 4Runner..
..which, in surprising hindsight, turned out to be the wrong choice! There was only one other AW11 there early on, while down the line of cars here...

..another 4Runner!

A slightly later, 2.2litre 4Y-powered version, in really nice original condition. Was genuinely stoked to see one in such nice, straight, and rust-free shape.

Continuing on with classic 4WD's; a very clean Bundera - the luxury, coil-sprung version of the J70 Landcruiser.

Nearby, the leaf-sprung equivalent.

Classic 4AGE-powered AE82 TWIN CAM, on a set of period-perfect Simmons V4's..

A super tidy South Australian one nearby. I missed taking a pic of the exterior unfortunately, but look at that interior! So great seeing these things cared for..

Across the carpark, an imported 3dr FX-GT version.. sitting on a set of equally clean Tom's.

Similar, but different - a very rare Corolla II. This was a very sweet top-spec, two-tone, kitted SR version.

Interesting longitudinal-mounted 3A drives the front wheels..

Love this pattern on the seats..

Traditional RWD Corolla's - KE70 up front looking good, with fender mirrors, chrome bars, and F/R lip spoilers..

A 3dr KE70 Wagon, on a set of SpeedStar Star Formula's...

Jumping towards the other end of the decade; a 3SGTE, AWD, ST165 GT-Four..

..and another, in Red.

Really neat SA63 Celica liftback. A60 Celica's just get cooler looking as they get older..

..particularly in MA61 Supra guise. The red one above is really nice.

Cars coming in from the parade lap..
Love this X70 MarkII. Looks so right on a set of Hiro V1-R's..

..and going back two generations, an X30/X40 Cressida.

..although nothing says Sandown like a 4Runner! ha.


As usual, sorry for the quality of the photos. Between talking to people and looking at the cars, I only have the time and attention span to swing my phone about for a couple pics. They'll have to do.

*cough* Random carpark VL Calais Turbo..! :P

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