Sunday, 24 April 2016

FRONT2 - The FairladyZ 300ZR..

Front engine and rear driven, Nissan coupe - the production equivalent of Nissan's mid-engined and all-wheel-driving MID4 concept.
Okay.. so the link may be starting to get a bit thin past the powerplant.. but damnit I'm going with it!

1986 (HG)Z31 Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZR.
Along with a new generation Nissan Leopard, this was the 300ZX variant that saw the introduction of the twin-cam heads to Nissans existing VG V6.. as had been seen on Nissan's MID4 concept the year before. 
This "Twin Cam 24 V6-3000" likely didn't get much love as the base non-turbo variation of the VG30DET in 1989's Z32 Fairlady Z; but in the Z31 - coming from the bread-tin covered single-cam VG's found in all Z31's since 1983 - would've have been pretty damn special.
Power down a little? Torque down a lot? Potential thrown out the window? Pah! Here comes simplicity, reliability, smooth power delivery, and hey - it looked good to boot!

This particular wine-red 1987 example is currently for sale in Fukushima, Japan, with a more-than-reasonable sub million Yen price tag.
Its rare, likely a little easier to live with than the Turbo (VG30ET), and looks to be very nicely presented with some tasteful modifications..

Carbon front lip, and simple 5spoke Work Equip style 3pc alloys...

Venetians, tidy carpeting, parcel shelf, cargo blind, and T-top bags neatly tied to the floor..

2+2, T-tops and an automatic, mightn't be the most desirable options for some.. but you can't say it isn't neat, and the original Z31 Recaro LX-C's look fantastic. One of my favourites, and original-fit in Toyotas of the era too..

TWINCAM 24VALVE, V6 3000 - the VG30DE.
Wide twin-cam heads just look good, and more fitting in my eyes to the high-tech image of the Fairlady Z.

~900,000yen, looks good, and something a little different in the world of Z31 300ZXs. Although I'd usually be hunting for the ever-popular RB20DET-powered 200ZR variant, this definitely goes a long way to swaying me back to the VG! Absolutely would-drive...

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