Thursday 3 November 2016

TTA's GpA '85 ATCC '86...

Because abbreviations are fun.

On display at Sandown for the V8s Retro Round, a couple weeks back...
...actually, 16th-18th September.. so.. what's that, a month-and-a-half?
On display at Sandown for the V8s Retro Round, a month-and-a-half ago:

...Toyota Team Australia's 1983 AE86 Toyota Sprinter, An Australian-spec vehicle (this market only receiving the AE86 with the Levin fixed-headlight front, confusingly sold as simply the 'Toyota Sprinter') built by Toyota in Japan to the recently-introduced Group A specs; and raced (successfully) from late 1984 through 1985 in the Australian Touring Car Championship.

The "Twin Cam 16 valve" 'bigport' 4A-GE, supposedly good for ~180hp; in place of the Australian Sprinter's leisurely single-cam 4A-C. This drove through a Toyota T50 5speed, and into the 4.7:1 solid-axle rear, equipped with a TRD LSD..

..this is getting to the ground with the help of Bilstein shocks, through fin-type 2/3piece alloys, and finally, brought to a stop with AP Racing disc brakes.

Inside; a very basic looking momo-pattern wheel, a pair of fixed-back bucket seats, and a large red arrow pointing directly at the 'things-are-cooking' line on a water temperature gauge.
Oddly nice to see the original two-tone blue doorcards and dash have stuck in there...

Original wing notched to clear the fillers; and in the background, a bit more of a look at the colour-matched roll cage...

..and we're done.

853kg of screaming 4AG-powered, rear-drive, Toyota fury. It'd no doubt be an absolute blast...

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  1. Nice pics!! I read in Ozzy Muscle Car mag this chassis (or even this car?!?) was the longest consecutively campaigned car at Bathurst! Something like 6-7 years running! As a Levin owner myself this gives me a bit of a buzz :) I'd love to ship my car over from NZ one day... Love your blog mate!!
    Jordan - JsnapsNZ