Thursday, 13 July 2017

AE82 TWIN CAM SECA: the multi-valve hunter and the search for the dual overhead cam..

The not-as-desirable variation of one of my all-time favourites, spotted on a run to a local wrecker a few months back:

February 1987 AE82 Toyota Corolla Twin-Cam Seca.
Top-of-the-line for Australian-market Corollas in 1987 (local production 1985- , worldwide fifth-generation production 1983-), with the 'Seca' long-hatch body-style putting this variant ~$1000 dearer than the equivalent Twin-Cam hatch, and $2000 above the most expensive sedan available: an auto-optioned (4A-C powered) CS-X.
This particular car was a bit of a sad sight at the wreckers. Although not the more desirable hatch (and without looking, I'm SURE that's not just me..), it was still a 4A-G Twin-Cam corolla.. and every bit a blast to drive. Low-ish kays, unmodified and in solid, original condition: an easy weekend's work could have had this looking a million times better.
But oh well. Wasn't to be.
I got to the car seemingly quite early on, with only a few of the Twin-Cam specific bits missing. The steering-wheel? Not a chance - that was likely pulled by some lucky bugger as the forklift put the damn thing down!
Still, there's enough there for me to give the curious few (whether you were in a market that never got these new, or simply don't remember them!) a good look over one of these things. A thirty-year-old Toyota hot-hatch with what is (IMO) one of their best engines. I'm a fan.

Quickly making my way around the car. First stop, the (CS-X and above) gunmetal 14x5J alloys. For those that wondered what a roulette wheel would look like as an actual wheel.
I want to play in that casino..

The better side. Shame I didn't take a front-left 3/4 for the leading shot!

Not quite the tremendous "TWIN CAM 16"(!) emblazoned on the entire lower-doors of the early non-Seca hatch...

There may have been a phone-call or two from SEGA regarding Toyota's choice of font..

Genuine (possibly still dealer-fit for locally-built cars?) Toyota Air-conditioning. This was one expensive Corolla in its day...

Ahh, the "COROLLA" boot garnish. I have a thing for these little pieces of trim! You just wait...

One of the parcel-shelf strings has obviously come loose, so just appears more skewiff than it should. Clean carpets and trims anway - I don't think this carted too much!

Full-size alloy spare wheel.

Moving inside..
Ignoring the damage it has unfortunately received at the wreckers, this was one very clean car. The original seats and fabric are in great shape..

..also ignore the lifted rear seat base here (done to every car at the wreckers), as look - ooh, open velour headrests!

The Twincam16 wheel has quickly grown legs. The gearknob? Not so lucky..

198,207km (123,000mi) is not enough. This genuinely had some proper enjoyment to give..

The adorable vents either side of the cluster. It's hard to get a scale here, but these things are just rad..

Original Toyota Philips AM/FM Cassette. Don't even begin to think I left this behind..!

Back out and around to the engine-bay; it's time for a look at what's giving this car its name..

Likely doesn't need an introduction, but again; Toyota's venerable 1.6litre, twin-cam, 16-valve, 88kW (in Australian trim) 4A-GE.
Reliable. Efficient. Fun. They last and last, and love a rev. Awrgh.. it shouldn't be here.

..and only 198,000km? Let's take a sticky-beak to see how it has fared:
Urgh. What a waste.

Finally, back out and around for a look at how this little Toyota screamer hangs onto the bitumen..

Rack&pinion steering, F+R swaybars, independent suspension and disc brakes all 'round. Every bit as good as you could've wished for on a sporty hatchback in the late 80's.

And we're done!

In an attempt to squeeze-ev-ery-penny out of things I've already written: a quick re-cap of my Instagram posts on this car..
AE82 (E80, fifth generation, 1983-) Toyota Corolla Seca rear hatch garnish. Plucked from a red Twin-Cam at the wreckers a fortnight ago, then polished within an inch of its life; it now joins the random-rear-garnish collection. Next up? BG Mazda 323(Familia) sedan.. 
..and shifting the spotlight to a random detail likely LONG since forgotten (by absolutely everyone, everywhere): the tiny air-vent on the passenger side of the E80 Corolla instrument cluster. Seriously, aw.. 

Yep. I got that garnish. Collection bolstered...


  1. chased for 4 years to get a good original car. Got a RED car interstate. Paid too much for it, but they are getting scarce. Will become collector cars in the next few years , and in unmolested state will appreciate.Only in RED or White in Aust.

    1. Any chance the radio is for sale? Been chasing one for aaages..

  2. Chased one for 5 years and finally got an original low KM red car. sourced a few parts to finally have it as was from factory. Getting hard to obtain now and a Good Car is becoming more expensive - in ORIGINAL SPEC !!! Even managed to chase down a Twin Exhaust. Gear knob refurbished (2)overseas, perfect.

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