Monday 10 September 2012

And now for something completely familiar..

Instantly recognizable, and an icon of 80's Japan. The AE86 Corolla - Hachiroku..!

Here we have a slightly warmed-over 1987 Toyota Sprinter Trueno coupe.
Sprinter Trueno rather than Corolla Levin, thanks to its pop-up headlight front.

Subtle flaring; and wiiide, gold, Work Equip 03's.

A little less impressive inside, but clean and mostly stock.
Hard to miss that digital dash though. Epic.

Factory bigport black-and-blue top 4AGE.
Appears to be stock other than the strut brace, intake with iconic HKS mushroom pod, and Cusco (possibly) strut tops.

Very popular car, and for good reasons.

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