Saturday, 8 September 2012

Let me introduce Patricia..

Pat, the 323.
From memory, a 1982.. well, a BD Mazda 323 Sedan anyway.
Early days for the front wheel drive Mazda 323/Ford Laser.

This car belonged to a mate of mine. bought for a giggle as far as i know. Was good fun to cruise around in, as it was just oh so innocent.
He had bought it off an old lady, who'd owned it for many years. No surprise, but her name was Patricia.
following the laws of naming ex-old lady cars, the car became Pat.

Despite the VERY low KM (around 60,000), it had never really had a garage.
As a result, it was faded in places - but immaculate everywhere else.

Skinny little tyres on the stock steel wheels.


The car remained as it was while he had it. Complete with hilarious period stickers..

Chrome had completely worn off.
1.5L of Mazda non-rotary Fury..

At least it was bloody immaculate!
The flip-bonnet was a favourite detail of mine.

Odd piece under the handles. you lifted the black part to pop the door, rather than the whole chrome upper section like usual..


The AM/FM radio and QUARTZ (!!) clock.
The wood was a.. classy.. touch. no.. no.. that wont clash with the blue plastic at all..

5-speed floor shift.

Was a fun little car.
Hopefully whoever owns it now is taking care of it..

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  1. Fleeting memories are returning of my family's 323 hatchback, its front-hinged bonnet, and the gruelling 20+ seconds it took to reach 100 km/h...

    Thanks for the flashbacks!