Monday 17 September 2012

HR31 Skyline GTS-R CSL Sedan..

Well no, it isnt.
Doesn't get too much more base-model than this on the 31's though..!
At least it has full hubcaps, and unless their standard, bonnet marker lights.
..although - folding mirrors? chrome handles?! delll uxxxe..!

Looking at the above picture (particularly the seats), im guessing 1800 G.

The Limited badge on the back left may give a little more information on the few little things, but there's no disguising this would technically be the equivalent to an Aussie Pintara.

Very unique tail-lights for this model, plus an exhaust outlet on the right.

Interesingly, the sedans must now be very rare in Japan. not often do i see them for sale.
This one looks to have been on my computer since late last year.

I actually like the trim on the seats. looks nicely textured.
padded doorcards for a little extra luxury; and interestingly also has an armrest console!

 Very large buttons on this neat, but plain, double-din Nissan tapedeck.

Clock! Not even a tacho here.
A little bit of an issue when you see what's shifting ratio's in this '31..

A 5 speed manual.
..and this is probably pretty necessary when you see the motivation:

4 cylinders displacing 1.8 Litres, and throttle body injection; a team effort that produces 91hp.
as a comparison, the standard RB30E used in Australian R31's produced over 150hp!

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