Sunday 11 November 2012

End of the 80's..

designers re-introduced to the shocking concept of Radius' on edges..
Late 80's to Early 90's cars. They look like they're 80's couterparts.. that have started to melt..!
A 1989 GX81 Toyota Mark II; the performance, GT TwinTurbo variant.
I do like these. lose a little character to the previous X7 generation Chaser/MarkII/Cresta/Cressida; but still so much to love.

The Frameless glass, almost hardtop roofline, is a nice change to the regular Australian MX83 Cressida's; and i like these tail-lights.

The usual Cressida (GLX?) wheel, but with MarkII caps.

Other than the Momo wheel and semi-matching Momo shifter; this red velour GT interior is stock.
This car is probably rather unique due to the Manual trans.
As usual, i have much love for the digital-dash.

Plenty velour for everyone..

The 1G-GTE Twin-Cam Twin-Turbo 2L straight 6.
Not long after this, the 1G-GTE was replaced by Toyota's much more popular 1JZGTE.

Nice clean example.

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