Friday, 9 November 2012


The Red Carina.

..and a cool one at that.
A 1983 TA63 Toyota Carina GT-TR.

Late days for fender mirrors..

Although the *A6* Carina was introduced in 1981, it wasn't until 1982 you could get the 3T-GTE powered GT-TR Variant.
This one looks awesome in red.. Reminds me of that red Fire-wagon Carina wagon on watanabe's..
(Do your best to ignore that exhaust. Goddamn.. that's a whole lotta muffler!)

Although they've been around for many many years, they're not as popular as their Work Equip equivalents..

Recaro LS-C std headrest for the driver; LX-C net headrest for the passenger.
..For when you cant decide.

Nice to see the stock wheel in the boot/trunk.
..looks to be in great shape too. love it - it has Turbo written on the hornpad.
The 'TWIN CAM  turbo' decal in the rear window is looking a little worn, but still there..! :)

The twin cam 1.8ltr 3T-GTE.
Interestingly, notice the use of two plugs per cylinder.
..All neat and original in there anyway.

Your basic red Toyota sedan.

EDIT, April 2014..
Pretty wild to see this turn up for sale in the USA 18 months later, just about as-is.
After seeing this car go through the Auctions, then turn up at a dealer in Japan, and now for sale in LA; I'm keen to keep and eye on this, and see where it ends up!

<3 Internet. haha

EDIT, December 2014..
aaand yet again; what did I happen to recognize while reading Stickydiljoe's Cars & Coffee Irvine coverage?
..over two years after first seeing it in grainy auction pics, amongst thousands of cars. So great. I LOVE that it is being appreciated, and is looking essentially the same..

Link to Stickydiljoe - the Chronicles


  1. This car is now for sale here in Los Angeles, of all places:

    Any idea how much the auction selling price on it was when you posted it? They're asking $9,800 for it now.

    1. Well how about that! Thanks a heap for the update!
      Crazy that this car was bought from a dealer in Japan, and dragged across to the US almost as-is. Third place I've seen it for sale now!
      As for the price, I cant remember neither the original auction price, or the later selling dealers asking price; but I'm amazed someone has managed to buy it, import it, and still ask only $9800US.
      I hope it goes to a good home.

      I wonder if it still has that clean stock steering wheel in the boot?

  2. Note that the Celica GTT and GTTR in Japan are now selling for $20k-$25k