Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Chome-bumper Corona...

Nice and basic, and looking neat for its age.
Its a 1979 TT130 Toyota Corona. 
The T130 Chassis went on until 1983.

Very neat, inoffensive, 3box sedan.
I still see enough of these around, and often some very savable 'projects' at the wreckers. 
This one looks great, slightly lowered on some Advan A3A's. Possibly a little sporty in style for this particular car/colour, but its hard to complain - I just love those wheels.
I reckon I'd repaint the centers (which someone looks to have sanded the red off) a matching burgandy...

Intesting red, striped, seats inside. Theres a little wear and tear (and it looks as though someone may have 'borrowed' this poor corona at one point), but all simple fixes.
The rear speaker boxes wouldn't be going anywhere though.. ;)

The Latin Crown.


  1. keep going, you are an awesome piece of unknow in Europa 80's cars encyclopedia!

  2. are you selling those bumpers