Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sports luxury..

Here we have a 1991 Honda Prelude XX.

Last year of production for the third generation Prelude. The post 1990-update of these definitely looked the nicest, with the large parker/fog lights moved into the front section of the bumper..

..and these nicer tail-lights.

Its always been an interesting, larger, FWD sports coupe. A little left behind with the Celica/MX6/Integra/etc, as RWD sports cars of the same age gained popularlity in recent years. As a name plate though, all are remembered - and no doubt were popular/successful in their day.

Anyway, this being a high-end XX model, comes with a little extra. The original camel/tan coloured leather looks great against the navy blue metallic paint. I like how a lot of the trim stays black for this interior. chrome-ringed gauges, scuff plates, and surprisingly a 5speed too..!

One of the more interesting things about this car would be these.
stock 14x5.5" Magnesium wheels! we dont get a good shot of the passenger side, but I imagine these are truly directional (like the standard earlier alloys are). The slight champagne/goldy colour here works.

Still a good car these days, and would be a fun daily. Quality, reliable, and interesting.
'Good' is the problem though, as there are plenty of sports cars to choice from...

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