Friday, 25 January 2013


Something different here, and being a great example helps..!

Its a U11 Nissan Bluebird SSS Hardtop.

Just another one of those odd 80's Nissan/Toyota/Etc Pillarless hardtop sedans. I've never owned a pillarless sedan, but always loved the look. It takes my love of frameless glass, one rediculously healthy step further..!

The U11 had a long run for a commuter-sedan - from 1983 to as late as 1990. Sold in many countries, but not quite in the SSS Turbo spec...

..which is fitted with the CA18DET, a Twin-Cam 16valve 1.8Litre Turbo four.
The CA18DE* has a very recognizable cam-cover.. and it familiarity makes it look odd in a East-West FWD configuration!
Interestingly, the U11 was the introduction of the FWD Bluebirds.

Through those pillarless doors..:
Inside is fantastically original. The wrap on the wheel is odd, but no arguments here about the wheel itself! I'm loving the striped pattern on the seats too.
Original headunit and a 5speed are icing on the cake.. :)

Not a car/model id personally hunt down, but its definitely quirky/interesting/different, and something you could easily like.
All good things.

..and headlight wipers. :P

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