Friday, 26 April 2013

No, Not brown! brown.. brown..

Well, yes it is.. and its working bloody great!

A brilliantly basic, 1981 HJ60 ('60-series') Toyota Landcruiser.
Having a perfect decade of production - 1980 to 1990 - makes this the thorougly "80's" Landcruiser.

I would usually prefer the later, update model, with the twin headlight front end and whatnot; but this one looks absolutely fantastic in its simplicity, complete with grey steel wheels and agricultural looking tyres!
In that respect, the (assuming metallic) brown is very flash compared to what could have been a solid beige!

Like the outside of this particular car, the interior is just about perfect. The whole car appears to be a real time-warp.
The sheepskin seat covers seem totally right here, and the lack of console gives a little more room around the centre of the seats; even if its only in your mind. I've personally only known one person with a 60-series landcruiser, and can remember the interior being surprisingly cramped. The grab-handle in front of the passenger is very.. there...

Here to bring the H in HJ60, is the 2H, 4Litre diesel straight 6.
OHV, undersquare, and natrually aspriated. Here to do a job..
As with the interior and exterior of the car, this all looks to be very nice and original. Excellent stuff...

Just impressive to see a car this basic, this old, looking this good. This old brown Toyota is 32 this year! 

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