Tuesday 4 March 2014

GT-TR, Again..

..after posting a TA63 GT-TR Carina here, and TA63 GT-TR Celica here.. Because I love these 3TGTE-powered Toyota's.
Here we have another Toyota Celica GT-TR Liftback, this time a 1984 build, and again a TA63.
..Usually Toyota would change that last digit of the chassis code to differentiate a bit, but its not the only time its been a little messy..!

This car looks to be beautifully original.. down to the wheels, ride height, those accessory motorized foglights...

..These fantastic TWIN CAM turbo decals trailing the door-handles...

TWIN CAM turbo again on the rear window, and all the model-specific badging front and rear.

The interior of this car is just as nice as the exterior. Not only is it just-about mint, but it looks like a great place to be. The seats and cloth pattern looks fantastic, but pale in comparison to that steering wheel - which is particularly awesome (albiet maybe a whisker too large!)

The 1.8litre, twin cam, twin spark, 3T-GTE four. 160ps of early-Turbocharged goodness, introduced back in 1982!

This was near the end of production for the third-gen Celica's; marking the end of this chassis in its RWD form. While the fourth-gen was a great car (and brought along the AWD GT-Four's!), I'm here for this boxy goodness. I'd definitely drive this.


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  2. I have an 84 GT-S swapped with a 4G63-T that needs this badging from these cars. Would be pretty neat to have the JDM engine, but the 4g puts down significantly more power. Mine is the same color scheme too!

    1. Sounds interesting! Odd choice of motor; not as though there's anything wrong at all with it, but unusual when there's plenty of Toyota-branded transplants on offer. Period correct, and definitely something different though!

  3. what a beautiful steering wheel she got!!