Friday, 7 March 2014




SSR Longchamp XRX
15x6.5 B/~+20
Another reasonably rare, vintage SSR. I don't think I've ever seen pics of these on a car, despite having come across a couple sets now.
27 years old this year, and never seen a tyre..

Box contents for wheel assembly..

 Wheel nuts, cap, collar, plate, and so on.. avoid any confusion...

Collar is screwed on, then plate(waffle), then a small machined aluminium cap base...


Sometimes things are just hard to photograph, but damn are these just-about stunning in person...

While it may be a shame this wheel didnt get the Electron-lock setup, that cap sure has a go at making up for it! Chrome always looks great against the gloss black...

Chrome bolts sitting on gold washers. Attention to detail.

Speed Star.. XR-X?
..interesting to see the different formatting of the name.. That '-' is absent when written everywhere else.. box, cap, paperwork, etc...

Not often I get a wheel with the face and barrel made in the same month either btw.. it seems that sometimes the barrel can follow by up to a year!

Anyway, Done.
As I said, its so hard to do these justice - they're bloody stunners in person. The combination of paint and polish.. the chrome and gold bolts sitting on the machined edge of the face.. Just nice details.

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