Thursday, 25 December 2014

Period Correct.

..and not referring to the much more modern TE37's, Recaro SR's, audio, and so on...
Nope, plain old well-thrashed automotive-themed puns..

Stupid though, as this is waaaay too nice for that!
Absolutely gorgeous; 1985 DR30 Nissan Skyline 2000RS sedan.

I little different to others I've posted, being a naturally aspirated 4door.. but still, I no doubt make this blog DR30-heavy!
Just. A. Couple. Other. 6th-gen. Skylines.
Honestly; these just sit in a very small group of cars that to me, are SO typical of 80's design. A stereotype. Almost a caricature of 80's Japanese cars..

Aaaaanyway, a little more focus on the epic example at hand - currently for sale in japan for a 'make offer' amount. Proper money.. sadly like the rest of the best are..

This one has later Skyline brakes on 5stud hubs, iconic (albeit > late 90's) forged Volk TE37's in matte bronze, and very nicely fitting Bridgestone Potenza RE01R's. Quality bits that look great under these guards...

Other than the addition of some modern audio inside (obviously great for usability, but irks me a little, as always..), theres a neat Nardi Classic, and a pair of red Recaro SR-D's (SR3).. likely straight out of a Type R.

The enginebay though? In a non-turbo, 4banger Skyline?
Why yes. You'd want to see this..
Oooh.. aaahh...etc, etc, and so on.
Just look at it.
Beautifully detailed FJ20E 2litre twincam four. ITBs, COPs, and a very elaborate exhaust manifold - I'm surprised the bonnet can shut, whether or not you'd even want to! hell.. who needs it?
One of my favourite looking engines, in an immaculate and simplified engine-bay. Just so nicely detailed.

Anyway; a great combination of parts here. A hot FJ20, 5speed, couple Recaro's to hold you in place, coilovers, bigger brakes, light wheels, and quality tyres.
A *little* redundant to say, but - would drive!

So in the market for a not-so-stock DR30, and money isn't an issue? Go buy this one..

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