Wednesday 10 December 2014

Wide Carina..

Fairly rad Toyota Carina currently for sale in Japan, for a little over 1 million yen..

Like the one I posted about here; this is a 1983-build Carina was a factory 4AGE-equipped model.. an AA63, GT-R.

No longer the narrow, white, Carina it once was though.. now wears wide 14" Hayashi Streets and moulded/welded/metal flares, all covered in a gorgeous shade of dark blue.

No spoiler, no badges... and no plates.
Carrozzeria parcel-shelf speakers, but a half-cage and no rear seats? trackday tunes..

Just as it was on the previous AA63 Carina I posted; here too the original bigport 4AGE has been replaced with a much later 20V version of the 4AGE. This 5-valve per cyl version breathes through individual throttles from the factory, here with the airbox and plastic trumpets replaced with billet aluminium versions taking air straight from the engine-bay.

Interesting that my mind sees this as almost an AE86 sedan - having a 4AGE/5spd/solid axle in a small early-80's Toyota. Would be interesting to compare something like this to a 4AGE/5spd-equipped *E7* Corolla sedan..

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