Sunday 30 December 2012

Easy run.

A very sweet 1984 Toyota Hilux single cab ute.
A real survivor car considering its model and spec..

Very neat. Safe to assume its been repainted, at least in here..

This was advertised as a 1984, which would be very late for the third generation Hilux.

I'm not sure what engine is in this particular car, but it'd be something fairly low-specced. Safe to say itd be some sort of Toyota R-family inline 4. A very long-running engine family..!

Inside is just as neat, and basic, as the outside. Love the bench seat.
Interesting having the grey/black interior too. I would have imagined this would be brown - especially seeing the solid cream paint.

Great to see one of these has survived so well. Its super neat, and another car I'd love to own.

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