Friday, 31 July 2015

Kerbside Carrera Cabriolet..

..painfully resisting the use of US spelling for the title.. 
Anyway... another odd post of another not-so-shiny car, because I find this stuff just so goddamn sad.

This is a 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet; one step below the Turbo in the range of 1984-1989 3.2litre 911 Carrera's.. most easily identifiable to me by the flush mounted front foglights compared to the earlier 911SC. 
The Cabriolet mightn't be the standard enthusiast choice these days, but the 3.2 Carrera's are definitely a favourite of the early air-cooled 911's.

Which only adds to the shame when I see this one sitting here, unloved.

I walk past this poor thing most days, and it seriously almost brings a tear to my eyes just thinking about it. In the sun, the rain, and slowly losing air in its tyres until it sits just on those gorgeous Speedline alloys. Kills me. 

It's still registered, so someone still cares to some extent; but the older registration decal on the front glass, and the staining/deflation of the tyres.. I'm thinking this has likely sat exactly where it is for a solid 2years or more.

Those Speedline-produced, RUF, 17" one-piece alloys.

Inside there seems to be an aftermarket Momo wheel/knob and headunit. The sun and weather has been less than kind original beige leather interior..

Poor thing.
I just wish I had the money to save it.

Interestingly (and as a consolation prize of sorts..!), I do have a set of late-80's Australian Porsche brochures I was given by a family friend when I was a kid..

Different wheels and no whale-tail wing, but how good does this look! What a great colourway..

I little rough estimating from back in the day...

July 1986 printing; spot-on for the car pictured above..

This offer still on the cards?

Australian pricing guide showing the 911 Carrera and Carrera Sport in 1988. These were NOT cheap in this country, and as I wrote here; my AW11 MR2 was little over $33,000 at the time. Yikes..

 Possibly a linnen interior on the above 911?

 ..and one of these blues.

The old paint samples actually look to be painted bits of card, and as a result most are now slit/cracking..

I love this, and unfortunately likely as close as I'll ever get to owning a 911.

Done. Here's hoping the future gets a little brighter for this particular blue Porsche - It's way too nice for this..

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