Friday 24 July 2015

Vicroads Japanese plates - righto..

ahh.. Vicroads. My state's roads and vehicle-registration body.
To go along with the European and US-market sized plates, have introduced Japanese styled plates in their original sizes, to fit the many Japanese built cars on our roads.

Available in two different styles to suit <=5digit, and traditional 6-digit combinations.
The two different styles were voted on (so could've been more ridiculous!), and finally introduced last month - on the 24th of June.

Bit of Silliness, but I couldn't help myself. Always seems like excessive money gouging by what is a government department (they offer an amazing amount of different styles, combinations, colours, etc - at a price), but I'm just stoked they do it at all.

They're bloody massive, and look a little odd with the smaller 'slimline' text (despite all the styles, they only have two or three different stamp sizes for the letters/numbers).. but hey, it'll do.

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