Friday, 13 January 2017

Wheel-posts revisited: a rim roundup recap. Really.

No surprises here.

As with my first post of 2016 - for the sake of neatness and setting a trend - let's do another wheel-post roundup (!!). 
You see, thanks to blast-from-the-past that is the Blogger format; there's no hashtags, no tags.. so a roundup is useful to bring similar content together. Something that's then additionally handy when I use such brilliantly relevant titles as "The Maxim Racing mystery hour" and "Super Street: Taking the right at Awesome Avenue." Ohh, that confusion. 
In the case of wheels, here.. it's content many people (or Google crawlers.. I don't know..) seem to fancy in particular; so I'm sure as hell going to do my best to make that easier to find. 

So. Let's go. All the wheel-in-detail photosets from 2016:

Superlative Racing Dish: The Takechi Project Racing Hart D/spec..
November 2016
Takechi Project, Racing HART D/spec (D-spec)
15x6.5" +43
4H 100/114.3
October 1994.

Rays Engineering SUPERVOLK - 15"
September 2016
Rays Engineering, Super Volk.
15x6.5JJ +18
Monday the 17th of June, 1985.

Super Street : Taking the right at Awesome Avenue...
August 2016
Hayashi Racing Super Street.
"Center Lock Street Wheel"
14 x 7JJ +2
5x108~120, centerlock.
June 1982

The biggest spinner: the Super Longchamp XR-3..
March 2016
(SSR) Super Longchamp XR-3
Properly directional L+R.
Pearl white with machined faces. 
Three piece (usual SSR barrel-halves welded) with hidden hardware. 

April 1989 

The Maxim Racing mystery hour..
January 2016
Maxim Racing
Made by SSR for Maxim Japan.  
14x7.5", 'B' offset (+~9 measured)
November 1983. 
3-piece, with standard SSR reverse-mounting and welded barrel halves.

Heh... quiet year..

The previous one of these was actually everything from the 2012 start of the blog to that point.. and every bit of 2016's wheel content was previewed in that post. How? Because I didn't buy a single damn wheel in 2016. Not one. First time in years. I'd LONG ran out of space, and with the falling Australian dollar and rise in popularity of vintage wheels, I'd been priced out. 

Regardless, seems as though there's still plenty more in that above post that I'm yet to crack out, blow the dust off, and snap a bunch of photos of. Let's make 2017 that year. Get 'em done...

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