Monday, 22 October 2012


aah, the oddness.

This came up for sale a couple years ago, and I've had the pictures saved since.
Its an AW11 Toyota MR2 that someone has painted in the AE86 Panda white/black paint style.
I cant remember what year this car was exactly, and its too much of a mix of parts to tell.

Under the paint-matched black flares live some Watanabe's; black centres with polished lips - a classic look..

Inside we've got a pair of Recaro SR-D's, complete with pillow headrests.
Again, inside we've got a mix of AW11 bits; but its nice, neat and complete anyway.

Powering the Panda-dub is a 20V 4AGE, looking especially awesome thanks to the polished trumpets with mesh filters. Looks to have an aftermarket exh manifold too, and looking at the first photo again, exits via a HKS exhaust.

Still the only Panda-themed AW11 I've seen, and that's probably a good thing! But this ones good fun. :)

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