Monday 8 October 2012

Where the hell has this been??

1984 KB Ford Laser GL, with a whopping 6000km on the clock.

Really; what has this car been doing for the last 28 years??
Its not exactly a desirable model, being a plain-jane GL automatic. Surely whoever bought it new figured they wouldn't be driving it much?

Just perfectly neat and tidy.

 The yellow looks great with the light brown interior.

I dont think this little steel wheel has ever turned on the ground...

Classic flip-bonnet, and a surprisingly thorough yellow paintjob in the bay. Go Ford/Mazda 1984!

This car is a damn giveaway at $6000aud. I wouldn't be surprised if it needed a little work to get back into the swing of everyday use, but it would be nothing cosmetic. its perfect..
If i had the time/space/use, id love to own it.

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