Monday 29 October 2012

Tommy Kaira M30

Although looking a little worse for wear, this is a very special R31.

This is the big brother of the one i posted recently, the TommyKaira M20:

The M30.

But what makes it so special?
Other than the fact its the first Japanese car TommyKaira breathed on, the drivetrain is what makes this car. It was produced with a very unique, Twin Cam, 3 Litre, RB straight 6 - the RB30DE.

Instead of heading off to Australaia to be fitted to Nan's GX Wagon; This RB30 block stayed in Japan, where it was paired with the Twincam head off the 2 litre RB20.
Along with some careful machining, better pistons, cams, and a beautiful exhaust manifold; the non-turbo RB30DE creation pumped out 240hp @ 7000rpm! VERY impressive for 1988, and surely wouldve been grunty to drive.

This car is currently for sale in Japan, and not surprisingly its the only one available. you may aswell go ahead and ignore any wear-and-tear, as these are quite rare, and always desirable.
..Beggars cant be choosers!

Basically the same deal outside as the M20. GTSR Lip, paired with tommykaira-specific wing, badging, wheels, etc.

The Twin-To-Single TommyKaira tip..

While not immaculate, the car does appear to be very original; which is lucky with your dealing with painful to replace parts.
The paint could well be original, as it looks to be sporting its Tommy Kaira side-stripes.

Inside is again neat, little worn, but all there.
Someone has punched a couple gauges into the dash at some point, a pair of aftermarket headunits, and some pedals.
But all there.
all there.
all there.
...including what look to be Tommy Kaira mats!

Star of the show.
The RB30DE. Similar detailing to the M20's bay.

I'm going to go ahead and ignore that pod..

Tuned Skyline
Only for you!

Just bloody awesome. I love it.
My hands are itching to restore it..

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