Friday, 12 October 2012

..Uhh.. Patrolling the Sahara?

1990 Nissan Safari GrandRoad Wagon
The Japanese GQ Patrol

Familiar face.
Lots of chrome, and crystal headlights.

Fresh black paint, clear tail-lights, and privacy tint.

 ...despite the lift, wide wheels, and off-road tyres; I dont think this one has any off-roading in mind..

 Far from fussy inside - just clean and mostly original.
Wood-grain wheel and checker mats the only personal touches.

Looks to have been done by a dealer which does a few of these.
Paint, Polish, Few shiny bits, and release it back into the 'wild'. Dont look to be as popular as the Landcruisers in Japan, so nice to see them still around. :)

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